Brand new Bitwarden user: First impressions and To-Do's

Hey there. It’s been a while since I’ve been interacting with the community and I’ve been looking forward to migrate to Bitwarden.

The good news is: I’ve just migrated to it! (Yay! :grin:)

So now, I’ve noted some details we could put to good use for now and in the future.

I dug up the platforms and noticed some details that could be interesting for future features.

Notice: I also took my time to read tons of threads with cool ideas and feedback from the community. All I can say for now is a big thank you for how far the community has come. Congratulations to all users for all the support and feedback! You guys rock! Keep it going!

So now, back to the topic, I noted down a bunch of items to be done and which could be enhanced in a near future (maybe).

Let’s get to it.

  1. List items on Folders before deleting them, if logins greater than 1 (#app:web, #app:mobile, #app:browser, #app:desktop);
  2. Open Web vault shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + V or Ctrl + Alt/Shift + B) (see item #9, #app:browser, #app:desktop);
  3. Unlock vault/app with PIN/Fingerprint (mentioned here and here) (#app:browser, #app:desktop, #app:web);
  4. Dark web vault / mobile app native interface (#app:web, #app:mobile);
#4: TL;DR

Currently, the web extension supports dark themes. But I believe it could be ported to the other platforms as well. If you want a workaround for now (on Chrome) please check this extension instead. Or try Stylish, if you prefer as an alternative.

  1. Extension/App OAuth with (to ease the access without master password reprompt) (#app:browser, #app:mobile);
  2. Click Bitwarden’s icon to return to front-page (#app:web);
  3. Add view password button to mobile app (it’s not showing on Android, not sure if on iOS as well) (#app:mobile);
  4. Interactive web vault and drag and drop items (like it’s done on Google Drive or ES File Explorer, for Android), right click custom [optionally dark themed] context menus, long press items [show tool tips] to view details, as material design guidelines) (#app:all);
#8: More details

This can lead to complex and entire re-coding, but I guess it’s better than not having actions with long pressing items, which wastes this feature.

  1. More hotkeys, such as a shortcut to lock the vault (Ctrl + Shift + K) (as mentioned here) (see item #14) (#app:desktop, #app:browser, #app:web);
  2. Instant report of (master or generated) password strength/entropy (Such as KeePass or (#app:web, #app:mobile, #app:browser, #app:desktop);
    11. Option to ask for 2FA login once on each device (Settings) (not really sure if it works like this already) (#app:all);
    12. Add cross-platform sync profile picture (optionally), just like G-Suite (as mentioned here) (#app:all); (It grabs the picture from Gravatar, as I’ve tested here. However it’s not so obvious.

  • But setting an option to show it at the log in screen [as saved and logged in before] and when you open the vault [home screen/UI] or Bitwarden profile, would make it better. Even more if this feature gets implemented.)
  1. Add option to view the count of logins/items next to each folder, as mentioned here (#app:web);
#13: About mobile app

I see it was added there, but the counters aren’t as near as I’ve expected between (parenthesis). It’s visually more tidy, but less intuitive. Anyway, that’s a matter of taste. There could be an option to toggle that, but not high-priority task at this moment. I got the idea.

  1. Place a checkbox on the top line and next to each folder (to select all/none), or Ctrl + A to select all current page logins/items (Esc to cancel selection, Ctrl + I to invert selection) (please refer to item #9) (#app:web, #app:browser, #app:desktop). The same applies to mobile app (in a different way) by long pressing it, so a material design menu shows on the top (#app:mobile);
  2. Issue - Having to press several times to auto-fill the login/for (Android), with fingerprint authentication on (#app:mobile); (I think it’s fixed, but I didn’t try many times yet to tell.)
  3. Toggle grid/list view on vaults (#app:web, #app:mobile, #app:browser, #app:desktop);
  4. Option to view/merge duplicates (in case some data is imported twice or more than that) (as mentioned here) (#app:web, #app:mobile, #app:browser, #app:desktop);
  5. Make the portable/thumb drive version auto update-able (based on Telegram / Syncthing source-code, for example) (#app:desktop);
  6. Place bounties on, as mentioned here and here (#app:all);
  7. Save all entered data (like LastPass), with custom fields; (#app:browser, #app:mobile, #app:desktop);
  8. Import custom fields forms from other password managers (complex, but it might be possible to port to the code) (#app:web, #app:mobile, #app:browser, #app:desktop);
  9. Option to generate pronounceable or memorable passwords, such as suggested on (#app:mobile, #app:web, #app:browser, #app:desktop); (Passphrases generator is already there, but it might be better to get enhanced over time. It’s also lacking for Android mobile app for now.)
  10. Option to change or generate a new fingerprint phrase for the account, for security measures. (Maybe there’s a security issue here that may require some study and planning first.) (#app:web);
  11. Show/enable password history (synchronized between platforms) on mobile app (#app:mobile);
  12. (Optional) Tap/click to expand/collapse entries on “My Vault” on mobile app (or on web extension too), instead of going down a level (a new pane), to fasten the access process (although lots of content would be a trouble here. Maybe making the right scrollbar drag-able and naming by letters? From A to Z. Just like Nova Launcher drawer scrollbar does, if you get me correctly.) (#app:mobile, #app:browser);
#25: Screenshot showing the alphabetical scrollbar

  1. Press navigation arrows (up/down, left /right or [shift +] tab key) to navigate between results and options (either by clicking the extension icon or pressing Ctrl + Shift + Y) after typing the search criteria (#app:browser);
  2. Set/suggest to persist notification on mobile app on top priority (always persist at the top, LastPass has that. It’s disappearing here occasionally.) (#app:mobile);
  3. Right click an item to see its options/edit it (optional setting). (#app:browser);
  4. Sync personal/custom settings and user definitions over platforms (to each one their own), so in a fresh start it will gather the older settings from the (cloud) servers (#app:all);
  5. Add clear settings to default option/button on platform/app settings (also in vault’s danger zone) (#app:mobile, #app:browser, #app:desktop, #app:web);
  6. Add element to see what folder an item is in “View Item” pane (it’s currently missing there, you have to click to edit to see what folder the item is in) (#app:mobile, #app:browser, #app:desktop).

This is what I got for now. If you guys want to contribute with interesting topics and ideas, feel free to drop your comment(s).

I’ll try to keep this post updated as long as it goes.


I have this feature in the Android app (version 1.21.0). Is there no eye icon next to your password field?

Nope. I’m not allowed to take screenshots inside the app, but I’ll send what I could check.

I just logged off my vault and when I tried to log in again the password view icon wasn’t there at all. Same version as yours.
Here are the screenshots:

First screen:

When I go into the settings cog… Only self-hosting options are shown:

Then at the login screen… No view password icon at all.

And finally, the app version:

Notice that the app permissions and the acessibility options are enabled, nothing wrong here. But I believe this is a UI issue instead.

These are my system specs in case it helps:

I had misunderstood which password you were referring to. I do not have a view password button at the initial log-in screen to enter the app, but I do have it next to the passwords of individual accounts stored in my vault.

Nah, I meant it on the main screen, it’s fine. But this is just a suggestion in the end. A small detail, tbh.

I just changed my master password into an enormous thing and it’s better for me to check if I typed correctly with that option. Otherwise, I’ll have to copy it first (something I really don’t want to do, as it weakens security), and so paste it correctly on that field.

If it didn’t even accept the paste option, it would be just a pain to type it correctly all the time. I already memorized it, but it’s just a lot of characters to be typed inside a blind password field.

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Maybe it would be better to put all these ideas as separate feature requests so people can vote on them?

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As there are too many of them, I preferred to keep them on a single thread, to make sure things don’t go “crazy” and non-sense.

Anyway, those are just my opinions of what are (significantly) lacking, in my point of view. And also that weren’t pointed in older posts.


Something I’m really missing here (that was already mentioned in other posts), is the roadmap publishing part, which kinda makes us lost.

As an enthusiast, and not a programmer, I could roll my eyes on the entire source-code, but I’d still be confused about what exactly is going to be implemented any time soon or not.

I wanted to keep this “clean” as many other features I’ve been waiting for were already mentioned in older posts. So basically, this thread was made with the purpose to point out what details are missing that could make an easier UI to navigate and browse when interacting with the apps.

Kyle’s a very busy man with this entire project right now, as I could read in older posts, such as on Reddit AMA he did in the past. (Tbh, I didn’t even know there was a Kickstarter campaign back then, otherwise I’d surely had supported. So yes, I missed it out. :cry:)
He takes his job very seriously and professionally, and that’s something I admire in a developer. That really makes me happy to know he’s striving a lot to make this handy piece of software better day by day.

So far, I have nothing to complain. Ofc I’m missing out some features, as aforementioned, but he surely will choose the right paths with his dynamic and unique mindset.

Again, up above there are only details of what I am personally missing on this software. A confiding and feedback thread.