Customizable standard settings for the password generator

The password presets for the password/passphrase generator should be customizable from the settings by the user.

For the moment being the number of words and number of characters are always set to a standard value. It’s 3 phrases that’s standard. At least making Bitwarden remember the last used value would be an good enough solution.

It’s a weakness that it’s known that a Bitwarden generated pasphrase most likely contains three phrases, since it’s it’s standard value. Some randomness from letting user choose their own standard (or letting them choose a random amount option as standard) makes it theoretically harder to brute force passwords.

Each device (browser, desktop, mobile) will remember the settings for generation. Are you saying you’d like them to sync across all devices?

Idk if you were already in BW team when I composed this thread, but I’d like you to take a better look on it.

PS: I didn’t update what has been implemented already and what was not yet. Just brainstormed the ideas and tried to express what was lacking imho.

Right now I’m very busy with my job, but when I get some time, I’ll get back there and fix what has been already done and what needs attention.

But I’m quite sure that internally you already have big plans. I just hope it doesn’t take too long… :roll_eyes:
(I don’t wanna die without seeing the greatest features that BW has to offer all of us, lol.)

And congrats on the hard work. Keep it up! :wink: