Custom Fields and automatic fields parsing (save all entered data)

Hi, as a developer I usually fill different huge forms multiple times.
As a simple user, I usually fill some forms repeatedly on sites that not good at UI/UX, such as shipment addresses, additional info, some government site forms, non-standard inputs, a lot of different checkboxes, selects and so on… There is a lot of sites where login or password is not standard elements and simple parsing\filling functionality does not work.

Lastpass can grab all site inputs and let’s check and edit them if I need, so next time forms filling experience is great, I press the “Fill button” and it works like magic.

This one is a killer feature for me, and I am even ready to pay for this, it blocks my migration from Lastpass. For example, I have some huge forms on near government sites that I need to feel, this screenshot if only 1\6 of form fields

Here is lastpass guide:

Interesting - so it scans the input fields for the page you’re on and creates an ad-hoc object?


It creates a simple login/password object but with additional fields: hidden fields, selects, checkboxes and so on. The most important is that I don’t need to fill it manually. It will be perfect if some mechanism based on css rules will be available, for example parsing in order by existence: by id, by numerical order, or for advanced mode let me specify classname or any other attribute, perfectly to specify any css rule. But id and elements order parsing will fit almost all use cases for simple forms filling, I don’t remember how lastpass make this working, but I think it somethink like that


yes please, I would love this feature!


I too would like this feature. Bitwarden has the sections LOGIN, CARDS, IDENTITIES on the dropdown menu. It would be great to have FORMS section.

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I personally miss this feature so much. Just saw a video an user posted on Reddit regarding on how to use this, but it’s very tiring manual job.

I came from LastPass and still miss this feature, A LOT.

For me it’s a must that has to be added to Bitwarden. I’d even pay for it if necessary.

YouTube video:


+1 to this. The functionality is there, but automating it with “save all entered data” like LastPass does is an important plus, particularly for average users and for long form fields.


Also would like the capability to save radio buttons and dropdown menus please :slight_smile:


Tip while waiting for this feature: there is a Firefox extension called “Web Developer Form Filler” which allows to collect all the fields and their value in a text file. Then just copy/paste them in Bitwarden.

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Please add an option to save all filled fields on a given webpage, including checkmark boxes, etc. And make it work on all types of forms - even those that don’t use “id”, “name”, etc. - such as those on

+1 This is a big feature. Happy to pay for it :slight_smile:

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I would love to see this feature too

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The functionality is there, see the video above. Just needs a capture button.

miss this feature too (from LP). I keep my lastpass around JUST so I can save all those complicated forms instead of reentering the same data over and over again.

Besides Forms, this also works for difficult sites.

Occasionally with LP, it doesn’t offer to save a site after I create a new account. I go back and enter the information again, and select the Add Item/Save All Data Entered, and it creates at least a partial site card. I can then edit the site info if it didn’t capture all the login information.

LP’s mechanism is not perfect, but its a work-around for those difficult sites.

Often LP saves all kinds of other fields all by itself. They definitely don’t take a minimalist approach.

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Like in LastPass, you can grab all fields and create a complete card with a lot of informations typed at registering (not only password/username)

And you can make even better than LastPass if we don’t need to manually do it each time. Because with LastPass you need to make like 4 clicks each times. So you can ask to save all fields each time you detect a validation with a password field (or email one, like you want, sometimes some websites work without password, so it’s a way to work)

Is this feature request the same as what you are asking for Custom Fields and automatic fields parsing (save all entered data)

Not completely, because after that I suggest an idea to even overcome LastPass

@daa thanks for the request! I have merged them as they are the same basic item. The UX recommendations you make are a great addition, too.

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I was a little gobsmacked to find out that I had to lookup the input id to create a custom input form entry for a government site that I visited this morning that had two input fields of type password.

This is a very important usability feature, devs can figure this out, most regular users would be lost attempting to navigate the inspection of elements to figure out the information required.