🔍 Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps

I would like to log into applications like:

  • Steam
  • uPlay
  • Game Launchers (like “Elite Dangerous” or “Star Citizen”)
  • Database tools
  • Admin tools
  • etc

Please add a way to log into applications by pressing the Login-Hotkey.
To identify the correct application you may use the process name.

I believe what you’re looking for here is a feature called “auto-type”.


You mean the “Auto-Type” feature of KeePass?
Yes, exactly!


I second that.
Global auto-type with the same implementation as in Keepass would be awesome.


RoboForm also works with (Windows) applications and allows saving from them too (it’s implementation does not work in many cases though).


Something that I’ve been pretty curious so far… Sorry if I didn’t dig it up on the web properly, but you probably have the answer on the tip of your tongue.

On various (and overall) softwares (and apps), like mentioned above on OP, is it even possible to “read” each field that is on the specific software or we have to use the manual auto-type function?

I mean, as custom fields on the web platforms, (webpages, forms, etc) are recognizable, but I’ve been asking the same thing for each separate Windows (or other platforms) softwares. Or even on Android.

I was about to create a new thread to ask for that custom fields feature, so it would auto-fill each field separately. If you got me right, I may ask for that feature on a separate thread.

You can see it better on this screenshot:

Are those fields even readable or they are hidden (in all forms) for the devs and auto-filling platforms (as each software/app has its own structure)?

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I would also love to see this feature. Could be the simple Auto-Type implementation from KeePass.
Be in Bitwarden, Hit Ctrl-V

  • Alt-Tab to get to previous Window
  • type Login
  • tab to change to password field
  • type password
  • enter to submit

I have some applications and games where I need an automatic login.
This is working perfectly with KeePass and this is an important feature for me (the reason why I am not switching to Bitwarden)


+1 for this feature. But my need is very simple. When type a certain key (CTRL ALT V for example), Bitwarden just type the login, make an TAB and type the password.

After that, we can iterate to handle custom type depending on title windows :



A global hotkey in the Bitwarden Desktop app that performs Autotype for an entry that is currently selected is fine for the beginning.
This would help a lot until the window title is fully supported.

KeePass uses the window title (what is not very secure).
I think 1Password uses the process name (the name of the EXE file).

Here is the documentation about the Auto-Type feature KeePass:

KeePass protects the data while pasting using the Two-Channel Auto-Type Obfuscation:


One reason why this is really needed:
At work we are using the Internet Explorer (:face_vomiting:) for some older apps, that don’t work with Edge, Chrome or Firefox.

So with the KeePass autotype feature I can log into websites running on IE.
And two of those older apps I need daily.

Another example is, with some banking application, like mine.


When you click on “log on to internet Banking” ==> “Mauritius” it open in a new pop-up with all plugin disable.

I can open the link “https://ebmu.sbmgroup.mu” directly in a new tab which gave me access to bidwarden plugin in my browser.

However, cut/copy/paste and autofill is disable and are not allow by the site :frowning: .

In such case, it would be nice if Autotype features was implemented in the BW desktop Apps

I would add into this feature request. Curently looking at BitWarden, but might be that I will stick with KeePass for now.

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would love to see “Auto-Type” feature in desktop apps :slight_smile:


I am at a loss for EFFECTIVELY using BW on my Android without this feature. First let me say that on my linux desktops using Chrome or FF Quantum there is an easy workaround for me. A personal Android example is where I log into XYZ dot com and of course the username and password will fill in if I click on the BW flag Android brings up. BUT while these sites lack 2fa they do allow for a challenge/secret question and it gets presented every single time because I do NOT save login credentials on my Android(s). Trying to juggle BW on Android pie and figure out how to import the challenge question response is so tough I usually just avoid those sites until I get to my desktop. It really sucks because I can’t figure out an easy way to fill in the challenge response for the site when it queries me. By the way my challenge responses are BW generator responses and not something I could possibly remember, which is why I use BW in the first place.

I love BW and I will continue my Premium membership, but this is frustrating. I would ask others here to help me if I am missing an easy way (Android Pie) to import the challenge answers.

Upvote from me, too. I’m also a premium user, but this missing feature is the only reason why I’m still using BW and KeePass side by side.

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This is probably the feature that would push me to buy the premium.
Do we have a timeline when this would be looked into?


KeePass still does this the best.

It’s open source too, copy the code BitWarden.


I use keepass auto type all the time, they just don’t have great support for web auto type in certain situations. If bitwarden gets desktop auto-type, I would definitely be switching!

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