Bitwarden Side Window - How to open it?

How do I activate or call the side screen out for Bitwarden in the browser? I remember seeing a seperate window attached to the browser screen on the left side. It was the full leangth of the screen and always stayed open allowing me to manipulate Bitwarden inforamtion while on a website.

Do you mean this?

I’m guessing you mean in Firefox. It’s one of the available sidebars, like bookmarks, history, etc. Click the icon to the left of your profile icon at the top right.

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Yes that was it. I was wondering why I couldnt find this on Chrome. I have found this sidebar necessary a lot for me. Copying and pasting information from the Bitwarden drop down menu has some disadvantages. When you click away from it you lose the drop down you were working with and have to find it again if you needed to get something else from it.

I came from LastPass and I dont remember having this problem.

No that was not what I was referring to. It was the Firefox sidebar. That one does float the drop down menu though which is useful. Thanks for the help.

Press Ctrl+B in Firefox
The bookmarks sidebar will open up.
Open the drop down menu by clicking the down arrow next to Bookmarks and select Bitwarden.

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In Chrome, you can use @Peter_H’s suggestion to keep Bitwarden open in a small window. That should solve your problem.

Alt+Shift+Y opens the BitWarden side window in Firefox.

Is there anything like the Firefox side window for Chromium browsers?