Browser UI: Very minor re POPing out the Bitwarden window,

Hi there. Bitwarden and its progress is excellent, Kudos to the team.

Just a little tiny thing that grabs me. The Bitwarden addin to chrome/EDGE when opening the toolbar icon it shows and arrow to POP out the Bitwarden into a separate window.
The arrow points to top left= YES
It used to POPout to a top left hand location on the overall screen. All windows and normal usage is familiar around this point.
Then a new update recently changed that action. Arrow still points to top left of the screen to action the POPout, but now POPout jumps to the RHS.

So seems counter intuitive to me (probably only me) I POP out and cant see it on the left, (probably used it too long in the previous mode) OH where has it gone. Ok here it is in the RHS just under the EDGE dots menu area.

I am sure the UI designers carefully considered all options before instigating the change?