MS Edge Pop-out

Windows Edge on my Desktop will not open Bitwarden after clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the Edge browser. If I click the icon, Edge forces Bitwarden pop-out to appear on the left side of the browser but doesn’t show any logins available. I have contacted Bitwarden and they say it’s a bug in some Edge browsers but they have no fixes. Bitwarden works as it’s suppose to on my laptop. Has anyone else had this issue or found a fix?

Windows Edge is officially dying so I don’t know how much attention should be put into it. Disregarding is not the browser you should be using anyways. But I know some people are “forced” to use it.

You know that Edge is (at least that’s the news I’ve seen) getting its core moved to Chromium’s structure, right? That’s the smart move Microsoft has found to get it alive again.

However, these are just rumors on the news. The developers must be working hard right now to make sure everything goes (almost) right.

Yes, that is what I mean by dying. If it is moving to be another Chromium based browser then this kind of support is almost pointless.

I came here to report the same thing. :slightly_frowning_face: