Edge Browser integration is NOT enabled

Ive looking everywhere to solve this problem but there’s none! Biometer is working on bitwarden desktop version and I’m trying to set up on my edge but it keep saying browser integration is not enabled.

I already downloaded latest version of bitwarden, edge, c++ and turn on extension from other stores. But none is working.

Did anyone get a solution?


Sorry, I have no idea how to fix your problem.

However, I was a bit curious about why do you (or anyone else) use Microsoft’s Edge when there are so much better alternatives. Before asking you, I did a quick research.

Apparently, Edge has surpassed Firefox and is now 3rd (even 2nd, depending on source?) most popular browser in the world… /mind explodes/. Has Edge really become that good? I still view it as bad as IE (but have to admit I never really used Edge)

If I may ask, have you followed the guide on the site?


If not, you may of missed the step where you need to toggle the Allow access to file URLs option.

If so, the desktop app will not speak to the extension.

Edge is actually really good now. MS replaced the old Edge with a Chromium based version.

I had the same problem, I installed the bitwarden extension from the chrome extension store instead of the Microsoft extension store, and it worked right away, so you can either try to reinstall the extension or try from a difference source.