Bitwarden not working properly on Microsoft Edge

I use bitwarden across all my platforms and browsers effortlessly, but I’ve been having this one peculiar problem on Edge. Whenever I click on the bitwarden icon to access my logon details for a particular website, the pulldown window pops out of the browser and I lose the ability to fill in the login information for that website by simply clicking on the corresponding entry inside bitwarden. I have to then go to the free-floating bitwarden window, search the vault, and manually extract the logon details. I suspect this is a browser-related issue–after all, it’s Microsoft, and no one does screwups as magnificently as Microsoft–but I don’t know where to look. This problem has been persisting for quite some time, across many versions. I’d appreciate some help. Thank you.

Actually, I do know Microsoft edge just recently went open source, and the most recent update changed it pretty dramatically. I would assume that BitWarden is slightly behind on the most recent version of Microsoft Edge.

Actually, it’s been happening for quite some time. I didn’t keep track but I’d say about a year.

Which platform and version and version of Edge are we talking about?
FYI: I have seen it earlier on Android 10, Edge (Chromium version) v. 43. But I do not have any issue now og both Android and Windows 10.

Ah, I just recently noticed that edge changed drastically like last week the icon changed and everything haha

Sorry, that was careless of me. It’s Windows 10 64-bit. But, damn, you’re not gonna believe it, but when I opened Edge tonight to get the version no to share with you, there was an update waiting for me. I did the update and, lo and behold, bitwarden started working again!

I know, I know, it seems almost too coincidental to be true, but it is! This is first time in a very long time that the bitwarden vault didn’t pop out of the browser. Thank you all for your help but seems like I’m all set now.

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Glad it worked out :+1: