New bug potentially?

Just reinstalled my Windows and I tried to log into my Bitwarden account using the web vault. I had no choice but to use the Microsoft Edge browser and this is when I had a mini heart attack - it didn’t work. It just said “an unexpected error has occurred”. Tried a few times, making sure the password was right and still nothing.

I finally decided to try on my phone - it worked perfectly fine. After that I downloaded Firefox and could log in to my vault without a problem either. On Edge I still cannot log in using the web vault. Basically nobody uses it, but I thought you should know about this.

Do you have the old Edge or the new Edge Chromium?

On the left: logo of the old Edge
On the right: logo of the new Edge

I assume that you have the old edge and this browser does not support all web technologies.
So install all Windows Updates and you will get the new Edge.

I am using the new Edge for nearly 4 months and have no problems.
Also not in Bitwarden.

It is the old Edge, I didn’t even notice. But why it would install the old and not the new one is beyond my understanding…Thanks for the reply

If you installed via an older image (installation source), you will have the old Edge.
But if you install all Windows Updates, then you also will get the new Edge.