Toolbar drop down menu and settings interface

Is there a way to make the toolbar drop down menu persistent, so it doesn’t disappear when it loses focus?

Also, I notice that there as a “Pop out to a new window” option, but if I need to edit
a login of the page I’m on, is there way to go straight to that login using the “Pop out to a new window” environment instead of having to search for it?

Hey there, are you using Firefox or Opera? You can use the sidebar functionality to create a persistent experience.


Firefox. Where is this option?

From the menu in Firefox: View → Sidebar → Bitwarden. Firefox also has a button for it in the toolbar. Bitwarden in the sidebar is absolutely invaluable!


“Bitwarden in the sidebar is absolutely invaluable!”

Definitely! I just wanted to mention for those users who choose the toolbar button method, by default, after opening the sidebar, you will see your bookmarks. You must choose Bitwarden from the drop down menu.