Bitwarden Safari in Mac OS 10.12.6

For various reasons I’m stuck in OS 10.12. Installed Bitwarden and it works fine in Firefox but can’t get the Safari extension. Latest Safari version for 10.12 is 12.1.2 which uses the old-style extensions. Bitwarden 1.16.4 only seems to support Safari 13. I’ve tried installing older versions of Bitwarden off Github (1.14.0) but when I try to obtain the Safari extension it just wants to download 1.16.4.

Anybody running Bitwarden on 10.12 with Safari? Can you share how you did it?

Thank you!

If you open in Safari 12, what happens?

It sends me to the App Store for Safari extensions and there is no Bitwarden extension shown.

I would think there would be a copy of the old Safari 12 plugin (.safariextz) somewhere in the GitHub repository. Hopefully one of the developers can point me to it.

@sfurst hey man, try to turn off wifi & install to add extension without internet and turn of auto update extension from safari preferences .

Tried that with both 1.14.0 and 1.16.6 (after deleting all preferences, caches, etc). Both times wants to take me to the App Store, which it can’t because the internet is disconnected.