Safari extension missin?

I installed the Bitwarden Safari extension on my Mac a week ago, and felt I’ve testing it thoroughly enough to introduce a co-worker to it. So, I went on her Mac, created an account, then went to add the Safari extension, but it just takes me to the Safari extension gallery, in which I cannot find Bitwarden. So, I tried on my Mac, same problem. Am I doing something completely wrong, or is it no longer in the extension gallery? I am NOT using Safari technology preview. I’m using v12.12 in MacOS 10.13.6 HighSierra

This seems to be a “problem” on Apple’s website.

During the past weeks, I also sometimes got an empty page, sometimes a download page and today the extension link even opens the Mac App Store. This seems to depend on the current time, the current IP address and other factors.

Im on 10.14.6, but with Catalina around the corner, Apple might have started to remove the old extension download completely.

I hope the Bitwarden Safari App Extension that was pushed to Github during the last weeks will be released soon.

I heard that Apple discontinued the Safari extension gallery and a support of .safariextz extension.
I think that it is not problem of web site.
So, we cannot acquire extension for Safari.

But, now, safari app extension (new type extension) seems to be under developing.
I found the information on beta of extension