Safari 13 BW Extension?

Hi All, happy new user of BW but i can’t seem to get the Safari BW extension working. Im running MacOS Catalina and Safari 13. I’ve tried the older version of Bitwarden (1.24.6) based on suggestions i’ve read about but still the extension never shows up anywhere. What am i doing wrong?

Should the combination of MacOS Catalina 10.15.7, Safari 13.1.3 and Bitwarden 1.24.6 allow me to have a working BW extension??

Thanks for looking.

I believe Safari 14 is required for the latest update.

@cscharf may be able to confirm.

Thanks a lot for your reply but I’d prefer to see if anyone has it working with Safari 13.

Looks like Safari 14 is required, but we’re going to provide an option for folks who may not want to, or be able to upgrade just yet.

More info: Mac App Store version (1.25.0) crashes on start, and Safari extension is not installed. · Issue #785 · bitwarden/desktop · GitHub

Thanks for that. Any idea when/where i can get it from?

We have cut a “frozen” legacy release of our desktop app with Safari App Extension which can be downloaded (DMG) from here: Release Version 1.24.7 (Frozen) · bitwarden/desktop · GitHub

Thank you, yes i saw that on the other link. Thanks very much and its working ok on my setup as well!

Any other workarounds since the frozen legacy version is no longer supported? I have the Bitwarden app on my Mac running Catalina and Safari 13, but can’t find a way to create a working web extension on safari…

Hi @Rishi_C - welcome!

You can run Safari 14 on Catalina. I am using Safari 14.1.2 on the older Mojave OS and Bitwarden works great, as does Safari.