Bitwarden on my PC and Want to Add to My Laptop

I went to the BW site on my laptop and signed in. When I opened Amazon site, I tried to use the BW saved PW that I use on my PC but it said invalid password.

I checked the Help section on BW but nothing applied to this. I’m using BW Premium. What am I doing wrong?

On your desktop computer, are you using one of the applications or the website (

Did you recently change your Amazon password?

I signed up for the premium membership, downloaded the app on my PC and have the BW icon on Firefox.

When I go to Amazon it’s automatically logging me in as I have a BW generated password.
That’s what I used on the laptop without success. I didn’t, though, use the BW app on the laptop, just copied the pw I use on the desktop.

Have you tried manually copying and pasting the password from Bitwarden to Amazon (as opposed to the automatic fill) to rule out the possibility of the password saved in BW being incorrect?

Yes, did manually copy/paste into Amazon. As I remember, I was working from the BW site on my laptop and now think, based on what you are asking me, I should download and install the BW app on my laptop?

I think it would be a good to test in this case but you shouldn’t need to overall. As long as you saved the password on your desktop BW it should sync everywhere whether it’s the browser extension or app. I just wanted to make sure it was the password itself being incorrect, not the auto-filling action.

I recommend logging into Amazon from your desktop PC again just to be extra sure that this is a BW error as opposed to an accidentally saved incorrect password.

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I’d suggest you to try do Synchronization first in laptop and then in desktop computer.

There must be out of sync password in your desktop computer.

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