New to BitWarden



So I’m brand new to BitWarden after using Last Pass since 2009. LP is losing me due to their sub par tech support now & their latest horrific GUI design.

I haven’t completely moved over, this is my first day using the app & I have concerns & questions:

  1. I just signed up to my first site (this forum in fact) & BW didn’t save the login :frowning: That was even after I activated from the e-mail & it auto logged me in. Now I don’t even know how to save the login for this forum as I don’t see the “Add Site” feature that LP has.

  2. Is there no way to click a button to insert the new p/w? You have to copy it to clipboard & paste it every time?

  3. I imported all of my form fills & it’s not finding the forms where I just had a name & e-mail address.

Even on the ones with credit cards I see no button that inserts the data into the form, contact form, application form, etc.

I just needed to change an address when checking out & I right clicked & the only option it gives me is for logins, not to choose the number form fills I have.

  1. Doesn’t let me push a button to auto fill my CVV.

Does the software not do this?