New to BitWarden


So I’m brand new to BitWarden after using Last Pass since 2009. LP is losing me due to their sub par tech support now & their latest horrific GUI design.

I haven’t completely moved over, this is my first day using the app & I have concerns & questions:

  1. I just signed up to my first site (this forum in fact) & BW didn’t save the login :frowning: That was even after I activated from the e-mail & it auto logged me in. Now I don’t even know how to save the login for this forum as I don’t see the “Add Site” feature that LP has.

  2. Is there no way to click a button to insert the new p/w? You have to copy it to clipboard & paste it every time?

  3. I imported all of my form fills & it’s not finding the forms where I just had a name & e-mail address.

Even on the ones with credit cards I see no button that inserts the data into the form, contact form, application form, etc.

I just needed to change an address when checking out & I right clicked & the only option it gives me is for logins, not to choose the number form fills I have.

  1. Doesn’t let me push a button to auto fill my CVV.

Does the software not do this?


I too find it ironic this forum does not autofill or prompt for a new entry. :roll_eyes:

I’m also a noob and have tried a variety of password managers before landing here.

I recently discovered that forms and card numbers were not working as I expected. Check the Settings > Options and make sure the Don’t Show * settings are unchecked. If you have the cards or identities hidden they don’t autofill!

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Sorry for the delay maduko.

I saw your post in my e-mail (sort of), then got busy on something else & since I already decided BW doesn’t work properly I never got back to it, but people on the Last Pass (LP) forum wanted to know why I crossed BW off my list & I literally had to tell them that BW didn’t even ADD my log in to this community to my BW (I still have it installed on one Chrome person), if you can believe that.

Turns out, I hadn’t even tried out that feature yet.

How in the WORLD can it not add new logins??? LOL

And I also noticed that it doesn’t auto fill the p/w when you create a new p/w.

You literally have to copy it to your clipboard & past it manually LOL

As for the “Don’t Show”, there’s no checkmark in there.

Even if that worked (which it didn’t for me), all the other issues means it’s a no go for me.

And the fact that I couldn’t even find the right form (form fills) even if I wanted to copy & paste it, is an issue.

I think when I exported from LP, it didn’t copy all the fields over.

And I’m shocked that no one in the community even responded to this thread of mine. You are the only one.

Which other p/w softwares did you try & why did you cross them of your list?

This is getting VERY frustrating for me to find a replacement for LP which I’ve used since 2009 if you can believe that.


We tried Dashlane, LastPass, BitWarden, back to LastPass… and still using BitWarden.

My conclusion is none of them reliably handle updates/new logins automatically. There are too many website designers coming with clever popups and AJAX forms that don’t trigger the password manager. So if you’re going to have to manually plug in info- choose the one that makes that easiest.

Ask me again in a year. :confused:

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Yeh, but I just found this thread.

Now it’s very confusing b/c the reviews said 2019, yet the thread is from 2018.

I read about some I’ve never heard of before.

Maybe we will find one that is like the old GREAT LP.

That’s the one issue I haven’t had with LP, is it saving or changing p/ws. Auto filling logins yes, I’ve been having that issue for over a year now which they blamed on popup logins, but not the saving part.

But BW should be adding new logins (or changing old ones if you change the p/w) & this is their own forum where it should work LOL

And now the other ones are raising their prices to what LP is charging. :frowning:

Everyone on the LP forum is complaining & many are leaving it. I don’t know if you are on there.

Even their forum is old & doesn’t work properly.

It took me forever to find the quote button since it’s hidden - sigh & also when you go to the link from your e-mail or post a comment it takes you BACK to page one, not the page where the comment is or where you left off LOL

That’s like site design/coding 101

Here’s the link -

LMK if you find one that’s good.


And this time I got no e-mail when you wrote your comment. I only know you wrote it b/c Chrome forced me back to this Chrome person wanting to know if I wanted browser alerts.

And while writing this, it’s telling me the rules as if this is my first time writing. LOL