Does Bitwarden work?

I downloaded the free program today to try out. I’ve read some good things about Bitwarden. I really like the look and feel. However, it seems (so far) that’s about all there is to it. So far, I’ve added three (common) sites, including one to this forum. In all three, I entered the user name and the password, and nothing popped up asking if I wanted to add the site to my vault. The first time, I tried it over and over again three times, but…crickets. Then, (Part 2) I wanted to see how it would work, launching the sites. Everytime, it launched the website but filled in nothing - for all three sites. Now, each time for every site, I could right click in the field, and on the right-click menu, could choose Bitwarden and copy the user name, paste it in, right click again, copy the password, and paste it in, but this is nothing I want to do on a regular basis. I really like the idea that Bitwarden is a young company, and I’m sure there doing everything they can to make it the best program possible, and I would like to give them money. I’m looking for a premium program, not the free one. But, what I’m having problems with, thus far, are the bottom-line basics of a password manager. By the way, I’ve launched from the browser extension, the desktop app, and the website. It’s the same in all. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a glitch in the program? Is Bitwarden like an old time piece of machinery, where you have to kick it to make it work now and then? I’m coming from LastPass, and believe me - LP works. No password manager is perfect, and I’m looking elsewhere because of a problem with LP that I don’t want to deal with again. However, I’m not 100% ruling out staying with LP either. But like I said, I really like the look and feel of Bitwarden, and I’d love for it to work out for me. Thanks in advance for your responses!

I think it’s only the mobile app and browser extension that has the possibility to auto-fill, there is a setting in the browser extension at Settings/Options to “Enable Auto-fill On Page Load”.
I also went from LastPass to Bitwarden and there were some getting used to it at start but now I’m glad i made the switch.

As @fsagen said, you can turn on autofill in the settings. Or, when you go to a site where you have credentials saved, just click the browser extension icon and it will fill in your username and password.

Indeed and, as far as I’m concerned, that is the way a good password manager works. I much prefer to look at a page myself before I tell Bitwarden to fill in passwords.

I have got as far as using L if Bitwarden has only one login for a page, otherwise and selecting the login I want works best for me.

I already switched it to Auto-fill on Page Load. It still isn’t working. However, with the other issue, do you have a problem with entering your credentials on a new web page, and nothing pops up to add your user name and password to Bitwarden for that site?

That’s what I’m saying - these things aren’t working in Bitwarden - for me - and I did turn on the option to autofill. With the other issue though, entering your own info in a new site, and nothing pops up from Bitwarden about adding your credentials to that site, is that working for you?

I understand that’s what you consider to be a good password manager, but not when there is a specific switch to autofill automatically when the page loads. As to the other issue, is this working for you - manually entering your information in a new site, and Bitwarden popping up a window to request that this info be added to your vault? I’m asking everyone because it’s not working for me, and I’m wondering if this is just a glitch, or a problem and it’s not working for anyone.

I don’t add many new logins, but IIRC Bitwarden did popup the last time I did it that way. However, it is easier to call it up before that stage, create the new credentials in Bitwarden and then pop the new login into the site,

As to the other issue, is this working for you - manually entering your information in a new site, and Bitwarden popping up a window to request that this info be added to your vault? I’m asking everyone because it’s not working for me, and I’m wondering if this is just a glitch, or a problem and it’s not working for anyone.

Bitwarden does not detect and offer to save new logins very consistently. I’ve seen a number of posts/topics about this issue (which I have collected to maybe look into one day). But for now, I agree with @Davidz that the best workflow is to add the credentials into Bitwarden first. If you have the login/registration page open and add a new login via the browser extension, it will automatically save the URL for autofilling in the future, and you also get full use of the password generator.

Regarding your general autofill issue - not sure if you got this working - but the only thing I can think of is that you may not have the site saved for that login. Try opening the login via the browser extension vault and clicking “Auto-fill and Save”. That will both autofill the login details and save that URL against that login for future visits.

You can also check out the help documentation if you haven’t already. It includes a page on auto-filling using the browser extension.

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@eliykat I appreciate the information about it not detecting and offering to save very often. I’d rather know that upfront, instead of continually getting frustrated. Also, thanks for the information about the autofill issue as well. I’m going to try that. Plus the help documention. A very helpful post!

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No worries, happy to help. Let us know how you go.

@tgreer I can’t see anywhere in the help docs that tells you to save the URI of a website to associate it with a login. If you don’t do this, none of the auto-fill methods described for the browser extension will work. (See the confusion in this thread.) Would you be OK with me submitting a PR to add a bit more information about this?

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Absolutely - PRs are welcome!

Personally, I think you should pay for a product with premium support. Bitwarden, particularly the free version, isn’t going to meet your expectations in this regard - spending a bit of cash to have someone help you through the process of working with a password manager is probably well worth the cost.

I am here because of this very issue. Auto-save works less and less over time. If I wanted to manually save all my ID/pw combinations I would just use a spreadsheet, or paper. I am now actively researching other password managers because of this.

How long have you been using Bitwarden?

Couple of years, why?

Just wondering. You said the auto-save works less and less over time, and I was wondering if you were referring to six months or three years. Gives me perspective. Thanks!

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