Does BitWarden work with Desktop Apps like Skype, or just Browsers?

It would be extremely useful for Bitwarden to be able to handle desktop applications like Evernote, Skype, a VPN, etc. They require logins, and normally there isn’t anywhere to store those passwords so it creates a bigger problem if forgotten.

I know some other password managers handle this. Does Bitwarden? If so, how do I make it do that?

It currently does not, but you can use either the desktop app or the browser extension to store the passwords and copy them to your clipboard when you need to log into the other apps.

There’s a feature request about this :


What I don’t understand is why we have a bitwarden desktop application. I thought it was precisely for the purpose of filling password into other desktop app. If it is not possible, then the browser extensions would be sufficient, right?

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If you don’t want to use it, you don’t need the desktop app indeed. It « just » provides a more convenient way to manage your passwords when on a desktop since the extension may be slightly small. You also have an offline access to your passwords which you don’t have with the web app (but you do with the browser extension).

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