Stupid Newbie Questions

Hi all,
I’m just starting with BitWarden and I have a couple of questions that I think are so obvious that I can’t find the answers.

  1. I’ve got the BitWarden app running and signed in on Windows 10. I open another app (does anyone else remember when they were called programs?) which requires a username/password login and I expected BitWarden to popup somehow to offer to fill it in. To be fair, I could go into the BitWarden app and search for the app and copy the items one at a time, but somehow it just seemed suboptimal. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong, or is this just how it works? The flip side of that is that if the BitWarden app can’t do that then what is it used for?
  2. How do you cope with websites that need more pieces of info to login - a great example was creating the login for this community page - it needs an email, username, pw, name but all the BitWarden extension seemed to offer me was username/pw. Again this feels like I’m being really dumb, in that everyone must have the same issue over and over.
    Thanks for your help

Hello Peter - welcome! I can take a shot at answering your questions.

  1. Bitwarden is really good at auto-filling website credentials, which is its primary use for most folks I suspect. And the Bitwarden browser extension works on most of the popular web browsers, which is how I tend to use BW the most. However, auto-filling credentials for Windows apps is not possible yet. But if this is something you would like to see developed, you might wish to add your vote to this feature request:
  1. Regarding additional fields that you would like to fill on a web page, Bitwarden supports custom fields, which is a powerful feature. You can read more here:

For names, addresses, and other personal information, you might also find this information on storing your personal identities:



Thanks David, a very helpful and comprehensive answer!
Just out of interest, what do people use the windows app for if it isn’t for filling in credentials on other windows apps - it seems to have less functionality that the web vault?
Cheers … Peter

Glad to help! And regarding the desktop app, I find it handy for editing existing entries and especially for exporting a backup of my vault, since it doesn’t have to go through any browser like it would when using the Bitwarden extension.

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