Bitwarden for Applications

I’m looking for something like ‘LastPass for Applications’ under bitwarden.
Is it already possible now or for later?

LastPass for Applications is a program that enables you to save and store Windows application logins just as the LastPass browser extension allows your to save and store websites.

Bitwarden is perfectly capable of storing logins for things other than websites - just leave the URL field blank. This can be done in any of the clients, plugins or the web vault. You then just copy+paste the needed fields from your bitwarden window into the desired place.

It is not possible for BitWarden to automatically recognize and autofill fields for login windows like RDP, server connections, game logins or what-have-you. Due to technical (and security) limitations, I dare not predict if this ever will be.

Keepass 2 does this with Auto-Type.

This would be an interesting feature on Premium


There is already a feature request existing where you can vote for that feature:
Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps

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