Desktop Apps or Server Passwords? Share Passwords?

Hello, I’m new to Bitwarden. I have a few questions.

  1. Is it possible to use Bitwarden to remember passwords for desktop apps? Certain desktop apps like Steam, Jarvee (a social media automation app), Mac App Store apps, games that require the creation of accounts right within the game, etc. don’t require a website (except for that steam example) Can Bitwarden be used for that?
  2. I previously used LastPass and I could share my passwords with others very easily without them knowing the password. Is it possible to do that in Bitwarden?
  3. Similar to the 1st question, in LastPass, I could store my server’s root password, SSH keys, etc. Is it possible to do that in Bitwarden?

Thank you. I used the Bitwarden contact form but I still didn’t receive any answers so it seems to be an open-source company, the support sucks. I hope I can get answer in this community forum.

Welcome to the world of Free and Open Source technology. Support is handled differently in this world. Whatever your question or issue, it is likely that another user has had something similar and can assist you. Generally that works better than waiting for a proprietary software paid support team answering all questions. Disparaging the application and the Bitwarden team is counterproductive. As I learned early on…if there’s no answer, it’s an answer in itself. In this case, no answer brought you to the user forum where you are likely to get fast, experienced assistance.

Okay… so where’s the answer? Please refrain from commenting like this on anyone’s post in a community forum because I don’t monitor my emails to hear a lecture from a random internet user. If you provided answers along with your rant then I would’ve gladly accepted it.

  1. Remember yes, but not auto save
  2. Yes with collections and hidden passwords. It’s in the FAQ
  3. Yes but for attachments you’d need Premium. It’s in the FAQ.

I help other users in my spare time as a way to give back. So being polite and nice to each other would be kind.

@MetBril sorry if you found my reply rude but to me it isn’t rude in any way. I repeat that I don’t monitor my emails to get a counter productive comment giving me a lecture. That person certainly didn’t “give back” to the community so I really appreciate your answer but not his.

I still have one doubt left. For the 1st question, you answered “yes remember but not autofill”. Does it mean it can offer to save password for an app? Can it also show “1” or “2” icon somewhere, maybe the bitwarden app, that a password is available for that login? Once the bitwarden app closes, it doesn’t stay in system tray monitoring for app logins so maybe it’ll show on the password field an icon so I can click on it and the password will apply?

Sorry for any typos and unedited version of the reply you get in email.

It won’t fill in the password for you but you can store desktop app passwords. I do this and just search for the correct login and copy/paste the password.

@SoumAhmed welcome to Bitwarden!

Glad you were able to get some answers! - though, I do feel in all fairness we should be clear that the team did get a reply to you in roughly 3 hours, which I think is pretty good for general inquiries :slight_smile:

Actually I sent two email, if you look at the timing of this post… the first email hasn’t been answered and was sent 24-48 hours ago. I think it got lost somewhere on its way :man_shrugging: But nvm I got most of answers, waiting for the last, html editing for shared hidden password, answer in email reply.