Is there newbie documentation for bitwarden?

This is a new game for me!! I’m quite experienced with computers, but I’ve never used a password manager, and frankly am a little nervous about it!! I’ve got dozens of established accounts on the internet, and really don’t want to end up with any of them broken…

Some of my ‘just off the boat’ questions:

  1. how exactly do I create a new login for a website/account, but manage it with BW ?? Do I create it first in BW, then transfer it into the website settings somehow?? It would be most intuitive if I could go to an existing site, go through the site’s password change (or create account) process, but have BW be ‘watching over my shoulder’, ready to inject its auto-generated password… but from the docs that I have here, it is not obvious how to do this…

I presume that I want to go into all my existing accounts, generate new, secure passwords from BW, then have it inject them into the website during the change-password process… ummm… right??

  1. Most of my internet logins and operations are managed from my desktop PC… however, many sites are also accessed from my Android phone. On the PC, I typically am logging into a website - but on the phone, I typically am using the company’s proprietary app; how do I sync BW (which I have already installed on my phone) with all of these apps??

What I don’t want to have happen, is that I sit on my PC, change the login/password for some critical site such as one of the banks, to a password that is managed by BW - and then not be able to log in using the Android app, because it doesn’t know about BW…

How does this all work???

Well, I may have found answers to these questions… I’m still learning to look to YouTube for user manuals for products!! I found one video, by a user named Thirty, who answered both of the above questions… he didn’t show how it worked on Android (he’s a iPhone user), but I’m guessing that it will work the same - meaning that if I open a web site that BW knows about, it will show the listing for that site, and allow me to insert the stored password.

It’s going to take me a little while to get the nerve to try this on critical sites, but at least I saw it in action!!


Welcome @Gorlash, glad you found answers to those questions.

Bitwarden won’t adversely affect any of your online accounts, so you can safely try it out without fear of it breaking anything.

When I was first getting started with Bitwarden, I found the online help/FAQs really useful:

If you have any other questions, this forum is another really useful resource.

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Hi @Gorlash.

I understand that you are a little bit angry about loosing all of your passwords and don’t be able to login on websites which are really important for you like a bank account. I switched with all my passwords and totps to different password managers and never lost anything.

So like @danmullen already wrote it would be a good start to read through the help portal. Otherwise you are very welcome to ask your questions here in the community.