Using bitwarden on other devices

I am an utter newbie and just want to generate and keep passwords and use them on several devices. IAt the moment it’s on my macbook air but I need to use the passwords on my ipad and my android phone. It’s very difficult to find simple instructions - everyone seems to have the most technical questions! Any help most appreciated.

If you already have a Bitwarden account, just install the app on your tablet and phone and login with the same credentials. Your password vault will sync to the new devices automatically.

Many thanks - and I have to add more logins on my laptop - or can I do it on the ipad etc also?

If it is properly setup Bitwarden will synchronise across all devices it is running on. To do that you need to input the same credentials on each. gives a simple outline.

You can add the logins on any device, they will sync to all your other devices.

Word of warning. The sync is per item in your vault. If you update an item on one device then quickly attempt to use it on another device, it may not be synced yet. While this doesn’t sound bad, it does mean that if you attempt to update it on two difference devices in short time of each other, the last device that syncs will over-write the other entry.