Bitwarden vs. Dashlane

I just switched from Dashlane (Premium) --to-- Bitwarden.

How is Bitwarden better? It does seem to sync well, and work smoothly.
My only complaint is that when I make a new account online, I have to manually add the new login to the vault, copy and pasting the URL to the login, generate the password separately with the password generator window and copy and paste that, and then save, and then copy and paste that password into the account creation page…whereas Dashlane saved the new login automatically when the new account was created on the web page.

Anybody else have to do it this way? Am I doing something wrong?

No, I get asked in the usual way. Although it seems a bit too page specific sometimes and I am ending up with multiple logins for the same site.

There is an option Disable Add Login Notification but by default it is not checked.

I have experienced what you describe on some sites- and not only with BitWarden! But usually a bar pops up across the top of the browser with a blue button prompting me to save the new or updated login.

The absence of auto-creating a new login is really a pain in the tush. I’ve used several other password managers (e.g. LastPass and 1Password) and creating a new login/pw at a new site generates the option to create the login in the manager.

Why is this missing from BW?

This is a known issue and we are tracking it here:

One thing I can say now is to make sure the vault is unlocked, if you are entering credentials manually.

If an item is already present and the vault is unlocked the autofill should work for logging in. Same should go for updating credentials.

If you experience any issues on specific sites, please add them to the Google Forms attached to the above mentioned issue. This helps us to reproduce and track down any issue with the save/update password logic.