How to auto save newly created browser login details?

Hi All

I’m enjoying my experience with bit warden now i have all my 1password’s migrated across. The auto fill works fine in OS & IOS Chrome.

I’m am how ever finding the process of saving new logins a bit clunky. May be i don’t have something set up correctly or may be my expectations need adjusting?

Having come from 1password 6 I am used to filling in new login details on a new sign up page, having been offered a random password by the browser plugin it would add it to he password fields. Then on submission, 1password would offer to save the new login details along with the URL to create a new log in.

I am not getting this in bitwarden!

When i go to the browser plugin password generator I need to use the cut and paste function. Ok no deal breaker there, but Bitwarden doesn’t offer to save the new log in!

Do I have a setting wrong?

I have got in a pickle several times now because the new password wasn’t saved, so I wasn’t able to copy it to a new manually created login. I have found that it is best to leave the new sign up page in the browser, open up the main bitwarden application, manually create the new login, go back to the browser to copy the URL and back to bitworden to complete the data needed for the auto fill to work.

Then everything works fine. (But is a real palaver compared to an auto save of a new log in.)

This seems some what clunky. I have read the info on Autofill, but can’t find anything on auto save?

Can any one point me in the right direction, or put me strait on what Bitwarden (for Mac) is capable of?

Thank you so much for your help.


Hello @GBtwo - welcome to the community forums! And glad to hear that you are liking Bitwarden so far.

Regarding adding new entries, personally I don’t think Bitwarden is as slick as 1Password, but once you get the hang of how BW adds entries, it is pretty efficient.

Two tips:

  1. If you are using a browser that can load Bitwarden in the sidebar (e.g., Firefox) that makes things a lot easier when adding new items.

  2. The process is a bit different in Bitwarden - you actually want to create the login and password in Bitwarden first, then use autofill to paste everything into the signup form on the website. There is a demo of the technique in this BW video starting at 1:33:

Note that the BW team is working to improve this in a significant update to the user interface, so hopefully we see a more intuitive process for adding new logins in the near future. Cheers!

Hi David,

Thank you so much for this. That is just the info i needed. I will now adjust my works flow to suit BW! :+1:

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Sorry for hijacking this thread but can you please explain how to show Bitwarden in the Safari sidebar?

Mybad - you can’t. My apologies. I have modified my post above.

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