Login of Windows 10 App, does not login to BitWarden Chrome Extension


I’m a new BitWarden user and I have to say, I really like it.

I find it counterintuitive and frustrating however, that if I am logged in using the BitWarden application on the PC, when opening a browser and trying to login to say, Gmail, it does not recognize that I am logged into that vault in the app.

I have to log in AGAIN, within the browser. There is no check to see I’m already authenticated in the official app.

Enpass, for example, allows this. I can open the app and work within it, etc, then if I visit a website that needs a login, it checks if I have the App open and authenticated. If it’s been locked, it won’t let me. It’s quite simple, and facilitates integration between the app and the extension.

Further, I have to input my full master password each time I do this. I added a Yubikey in hopes that I could simply authenticate with bitwarden using my physical key. Avoiding having to enter that log tough password every time.

These are legitimate issues I have for fully embracing your software at the moment. To the point that even though I bought premium, I am considering moving back to Enpass until these get addressed. I find them to be that much of a standard option/ability I can get from Enpass, Lastpass, Dashlane, or any others.

I meant this to be respectful, and not a bash on the program. I legitimately like BitWarden and simply want to see it’s abilities mature.

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