Bitwarden not auto-updating and giving incorrect password even after manual update

I’m having two problems that may be related.

Problem 1: Bitwarden will not update login or password changes unless I open the app and pull down to manually update. Until then, no matter how much time passes, no update occurs.

Problem 2: If I change a password for an entry, for an indeterminate amount of time, Bitwarden will show me the correct password if I go into the app and look at the entry, but when I then go and try to use that entry (via the Key icon on my keyboard, then selecting the entry and touching it) I get the old password. If I open the app back up and view the password manually, and copy it, I get the correct password.

I had this same issue with LastPass, which I used before Bitwarden. They told me that, based on how the software was designed, I could not be having that problem. I sent them a video (I looked for this and no longer have it) of me having the problem and I never heard back from them, which is one of the reasons I switched over to Bitwarden.

I realize that since I’ve had this issue with two different services, the problem may be on my end. But I can’t figure out what the problem is, and it’s maddening to not be able to set more secure passwords for commonly used logins (like my Apple ID, for instance, which I might have to enter on a device like the Apple TV which does not support Bitwarden).

Anybody ever had this problem? I’ve given Bitwarden all permissions on iOS 14 and iPadOS14, but the problem persists. For what it’s worth, I do not have this issue with the Bitwarden Chrome extension on my PC.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

About problem 1:
What I would try is this: Log out of all sessions and restart each device. Then check the time, the date and the time zone on all devices. Next log into the web vault and create an item just for testing and finally I would log into my devices one by one (=not all at once) to figure out which device does not sync (=does not show the new item). If possible try different networks (WiFi vs. mobile network) which hopefully are from different providers. I have seen a comment in here or at reddit that the provider actually caused some issues.

And about problem 2:

What is that?

@WentOutForSmokes - welcome!

  1. Make sure push notifications are enabled for Bitwarden, that’s how we send vault sync triggers.

  2. @Peter_H I think this is referring to the iOS “passwords” icon on the top of the keyboard. @WentOutForSmokes This is actually a known issue since the ‘database’ that the App vs. App extension uses gets out of sync - however, in iOS version 2.7.2 (releasing in the next couple of days) this issue is resolved!


just playing around with Bitwarden coming from Lastpass.

I do not get Bitwarden to work properly.

OS: Windows 10
Browser: Chrome Version 89.0.4389.90

If I change a password manually for an in Bitwarden Vault existing site, it doesn’t get updated in Bitwarden automatically nor do I get a notification

All options are unchecked:

But when logging into a site for the first time, I don’t get a notification to add this site to Bitwarden either. I just created this account and Bitwarden didn’t do anything.

That’s why I think it’s maybe something at my end…



My Bitwarden on iOS has issues with automatic updating. Today I was checking some items on shared vault and I found out that some of them were out of date. I was wondering what is wrong with them and found out last sync date was weeks ago.

After seeing out of date sync date, I did manual sync but it took more than one minute at first try. On second try it said sync failed again after one minute, and on third try it was nearly instant (2-3 seconds)

What is happening and why automatic sync is not working?

I am using iPhone 11 Pro Max, iOS 14.4.2 and Bitwarden Version: 2.9.1 (544)