Force update/sync EXTENSION? Extensions lag pulling updated data

The Bitwarden extensions are frequently out of date on both iOS and macOS platforms when Apps are actually up to date and synced.

Have reported this to support but they don’t seem to grasp the problem. I am still seeing this even AFTER forced manual sync in iOS app.

  1. Changed password on Mac app.

  2. Opened iOS app that shows updated account password.

  3. Launch app and fill using BW extension. BW pastes OLD PASSWORD.

  4. Manually sync BW iOS.

  5. Extension still (storing &) paring OLD PASSWORD.

  6. After an undetermined amount of time extension “catches up” and retrieves new password/data.

Similar to this discussion but again manually syncing does NOT update the EXTENSION, the app already shows the updated data (username, password, etc.) but the extensions do not.

That’s a problem I’m having too. Often I have to sync apps and extensions manually more than once. This is a problem I didn’t have with “1Password”. This should be fixed with high priority from Bitwarden team.

Sometimes syncing works fine and sometimes don’t. :frowning:

Finding it very frustrating that any issue I submit as in the case just gets the reply, "If a fix is determined necessary then it will be released in an upcoming update.”

How about developer followups, beta tests, asking for logs, etc? That’s what several other software vendors do.

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