Long lag in sync-ing Vault with Bitwarden extension

I am using Linux Mint, Firefox, Bitwarden.
If I make an edit in the Vault, there is a substantial lag (minutes, hours?) for the data to be sync-ed with (transferred to) the data in the Bitwarden extension.

This makes the use of Bitwarden very much less efficient, or even useful at all. Is there a way to force this update process?

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Hope this helps :blush:

Very nice.
Great to know that the feature is there. After checking it out, it seems like sync still takes a minute or two, but for my purposes that is good enough.

I cannot quite test it because i have another problem with BW which I will post in a sec.

Plus points to you for making the animation!!! :smiley:

I experience the same issue - often have to sync manually