Push notifications and sync iOS

Hello there.
Does anyone know what’s the deal with push notifications and auto sync with bitwarden and iOS?
I’ve tried both self-host not (I even subscribed to premium) i can’t get the the thing for the life of me to automatically sync with ios.
If i do any change on my ios devices it automatically changes on desktop but it doesn’t change other ios devices. The same if i do any change on my desktop thinks do not get updated on my iphone and ipad. It eventually updates if i dont use the app and open it after an hour or so. If i don’t open the app autofill for exemple never get updated. it’s like push sync is not working AT ALL.
Does it requite background activity to be activated? it shouldn’t since it’s a push notification!!


I find on iOS you need to open the Bitwarden app to update any changes made in the app from another source. Push notification isn’t the same as background sync.

I assume it can’t sync in the background as the vault is locked and encrypted, but I might be wrong in this.

Pretty sure Push notifications are just the pop-up bubbles apps can show data from and not syncing.

That’s how is described when you install the app. You need to enable push notifications in order for auto sync. Doesn’t work and I’ve seen lots of complaints some with years that I doesn’t work. I understand it can’t sync when vault is locked but it doesn’t make any sense that it doesn’t at least sync when auto fill is used. Having to open the app everytime you make a change on another device is just nonsense
I’ve contacted Bitwarden and asked for a refund. This looks like a good project but it’s still too beta for my taste. Will keep using 1Password for now

Edit: Quoting.
“ In some cases, this happens automatically. On iOS and Android apps, Bitwarden leverages push notifications to kick-off a personal vault synchronization.”

I often have to sync iOS apps manually on different devices to get the newest entries. I think that there shut be some further investigation in syncing the vault on iOS. :confused:

I usually force close Bitwarden app when I’m done with it so the next time I open it the vault syncs latest contents.

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I believe the main issue is in iOS, you can use the password fill from the keyboard, and it will ask you to log in to bitwarden; however this doesn’t seem to push for an update, but rather a snapshot based on the last time you opened the actual app.

This results in any new entries being unavailable until you open the BW app and confirm its synced.

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No, the problem relies on Bitwarden and how vaults are updated. If it works for other similar applications there’s no reason not to work with Bitwarden.
Also I getting a bit annoyed that no one replies from costumer service…
Is this a one guy operation?

It used to be 1 man, then the team expanded, but I would like to point out that this forum is user to user support.

Its not officially manned by staff. I believe you can use the ticketing system for that.


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I know this is an user to user Fromm.

Opening a ticket was the first thing did, even before coming here! Zero replies
The opened a second one asking for a refund ( it’s on their terms ) Zero replied,

Oh well…

That’s strange. When I wrote an email to the support team everytime I got an answer. :thinking: