Bitwarden extension in Safari not receiving latest updates to the extension. Do they still apply to Safari?

I follow the Bitwarden Browser GitHub repo for version updates, and I’ve noticed that my Safari Bitwarden extension is still at 1.37.0. It never received 1.38.0 (I just assumed the fixes weren’t meant for Safari perhaps), but now we’re at 1.39.2 and still nothing for Safari. Supposedly these are updated automatically by the Safari Extension Gallery, but I don’t seem to be receiving any updates. Since there are new features in 1.39.x, I presume this is also applicable to Safari? Or is it excluding Safari still?

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Apple takes about 2 months to approve updates. It’s a painful process, and dangerous. We don’t submit every version to them. We plan to submit 1.39 though.

@kspearrin is this also the case with the macOS Bitwarden desktop app?

No, only safari.

I’m very surprised to hear the claim of 2 months, that’s disappointing indeed if that’s Apple’s queue depth for safari extensions. Here’s to hoping that greatly improves.

Alternatively though, I know that 1Password (before my migration to Bitwarden) could be installed both through the Safari extension gallery and independently. And if I recall in my tests the gallery version was usually a week or two behind at that time.

Is there a similar way we can install the Bitwarden extension in Safari, where we can essentially bypass the gallery much like 1Password did?

This link implies it should still be possible to install an extension outside of the gallery or App Store:

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Is the intention then for the macOS Bitwarden desktop app also to have the latest updates, or just the browser extensions? What about the Bitwarden web vault?

I think we should aim to keep this conversation on the topic of Safari.

Doesn’t Apple require Safari extensions to now be delivered via an app as a Safari App Extension?

lastpass has changed to this mode


Right. That’s why the extension doesn’t work in Safari Technology Preview. When macOS 10.15 is released we will have no browser extension. I’m hoping someone is working on that!

Any update here?

The Bitwarden Safari extension is included with the desktop App.

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