Was there a new Bitwarden release in the macOS store?

Just curious if anyone downloaded the 1.26.3 Bitwarden release from the macOS store. It currently says 1.25.1 is the latest version.

In review now :slight_smile:
Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 2.30.41 PM


yes, in review now

Hi Trey
Is there an anticipated timeline on this?
All my bookmarks are in Safari, so I’m not that keen to switch browsers (to Firefox) if we expect approval within the next couple of weeks or so.
Additionally, I really am enjoying ‘the Bitwarden Experience’, and would rather not be looking at alternative password managers (that may or may not be experiencing the same Safari issues).
Best regards!

Hi @jonnogreen!

I wish I could say for sure when it will be approved, but we are in queue with Apple and they control the timing. The app is still in review as I write this, but usually, it only takes a few days.

Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 9.40.50 AM

Is this version going to fix the disappearing extension issue in Safari?

We have an issue open for it on GitHub, but it doesn’t seem to be reproducible reliably. There is a comment that indicates there may be some issues with legacy data causing conflict, perhaps give it a try?

UPDATE. I’ve used OnyX to clear caches and other system junk, rebooted and, suddenly, BitWarden extension reappeared in Safari. I’m happy, but have no idea what exactly helped.

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Any further updates!?

Still in review :frowning:

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The update has been in review for more than 2 weeks now. Is this really still a normal review time or has something gone wrong on Apple’s side? Maybe there are some workarounds to speed up or restart the process? I have the feeling that otherwise nothing happens.


1.26.5 now available in the Apple App Store.
Biometric integration with Safari 14.1.1 seems to be working perfectly!