Autofill stopped working on some sites

I updated my browsers and the bitwarden extension and now I cannot get autofill to work on some sites like online banks. Is this a new thing or is Bitwarden’s update faulty?? It totally defeats the purpose of using this extension if I can’t get autofill to work. I have checked my settings and autofill is on etc. I have reinstalled the extension. I am using a mac book pro and was always able to autofill login details until straight after doing the updates. I get the “unable to autofill the selected item. Cut and paste instead” error msg!!!

Check the autofill settings. Sometimes an update auto-clears them.

I have checked them since doing the updates and they are still set to autofill and still not working!

@cobbsimone Do you use a Chromium-browser or Firefox?

If Chromium, it could be this problem Autofill and CTRL+Shift+L not working · Issue #9369 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub what is resolved with the update from today (browser extension 2024.5.1).

And maybe someone changes the tag “app:desktop”, since it is about the browser extension.