"Unable to autofill selected item" error

While trying to auto-fill an item (or auto-fill & save) err msg “Unable to autofill selected item. Copy & Paste instead”. In plain English what am I doing wrong to get a msg like this ??

Bewildered Bob

I see this occasionally when the website login form is poorly designed, so that Bitwarden cannot identify which input fields are for username and password. Sometimes, this type of problem can be solved using custom fields. If you want assistance in diagnosing (and possibly fixing) the problem, please share the URL.

What if this occurs on a website that worked in the past? The website also has not been updated/changed since it worked.

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Why there’s no autofill button when searching for account in bitwarden extension? I’ve to open one item and only then I can press button autofill. Too many clicks.

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Bitwarden is also making changes to its auto-fill algorithm, so if you are 100% certain that the website HTML and JavaScript code has not changed, then the issue could be due to a change in the Bitwarden code (although it is possible that a browser update could also be the culprit). Over what timeframe did you observe a change in behavior, and which browser and OS are you using?

Your question is off-topic to the current thread, but you can voice your opinion and cast a vote in the following Feature Request thread:

@grb Thanks!

I’m using Firefox on Ubuntu 20.04. The timeframe covers a few weeks, and then suddenly one day it doesn’t work for a site, and then later it does again. I suspect that you are right and a browser update caused it. After a full reboot everything worked again. I’ll see if I can confirm that if it occurs another time.

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Thanks, but as we all see it’s useless to vote for something. You’ve been aware of that issue for 5 years and nothing has been done.

I can hardly have been aware of it for 5 years as I’ve only been using Bitwarden and visiting this forum for less than 1.5 years.

In any case, your comments in this thread are off-topic.

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