Autofill after search



if you have multiple logins for a single website and you open bitwarden browser plugin you can click on one of them and it will fill out the credential filed of the website.
If you use the search in the plugin to find a login the auto-fill will not work anymore. If you click on the entry in the plugin it will open the information page of it. Then you need to copy and paste username and password manual in the credential field of the website.

I would expect that auto-fill after clicking an entry will work all the time.
This behaviour is also known by our users from other password managers.


That is unfortunate true and have experienced it already long time. Do we have any estimate on improving this?


I’m struggling to figure out a way that we can make this “work” from a UI/UX point of view.

Right now, we assume that when you click an item from the “Tab” page, you want to autofill it. When clicking an item from the “My Vault” page, we assume you want to view it. Searching switches you to the “My Vault” page, so the autofill capability when clicking the item is now lost.

What would be the best way to present an autofill action from the My Vault page? I don’t think we have any more room for right-side buttons on the listing page.


Thank you for replying!
Do not see the “Tab” page. I see only “My Vault”, “Generator”, “Settings” tabs (using it in Estonian language - the language switching was automatic as I use browser also in Estonian). Looking browser integrated version of Bitwarden. But I see “My Vault” page. The idea is when I search from “My Vault” tab then would like to autofill it when clicking on item. There is a small arrow in the end of line (row) which will go to item’s address.

What if to create a small pen to the end of line to edit it? I would say that perhaps it would be easier to solve when to assume autofill by default when clicking the item and create small buttons to the end of line for other actions like edit, go to address, copy username, copy password - perhaps also small button for copy (first) address (URL). The main goal of Bitwarden is autofill - regardless of the way how the item was reached in Bitwarden - either scrolling and searching manually or using text-based search bar. Actually items can be used on “My Vault” tab and this tab default action I would suggest to be autofill.

To be honest - currently the edit feature is hidden in browser-based version and especially new user but quite often also experienced user have to guess how to edit instead of autofill and also vice versa. When to create edit button to the end of line then it would be clear how to edit and you do not have to guess it.

This is the current main issue for now that the autofill feature is missing when using search on “My Vault” page. If we can agree that default action by clicking on item is autofill and other actions will be achieved through small buttons in the end of line then this could be the solution.


Thanks for your answer. I understand what you´re struggleing with…
I see two options:
First option is add a fourth right-side button which is “Show” (like in the Tab view). I checked my/our entries and nearly no entrie will be shorten with a fourth icon.
I would say only entrie names longer than ~23 characters will be shorten but with mouse over you´ll see the full name.

The other option I see is replace the “Open” button with the “View” button cause in my case i don´t search in Bitwarden for a Website so i don´t use this button often( nearly never but maybe other use this feature).

With both solutions we can change the behaviour of clicking an entrie to auto-fill. That brings the benefit that in both pages (Tab and My Vault) the same behaviour will happen if you cllck an entrie (which is IMHO this more userfriendly).

@kspearrin what do you think of these solutions?


A nice additional feature would be to suggest to add the URI if it is empty in the selected item in the vault.

In fact, this is an essential feature if my wife is going to use Bitwarden. She is to lazy to populate the vault with uri’s manually and would instead like them to be automatically added after log in details are searched for and used for autofill.


I think this feature is missing too.

Maybe this could be done depending on which screen you are.

If you make a search under the “Tab” page, the you can autofill with the results you got.

If you make a search under the “Vault” section, you can consult the item.

Would it be doable?


I made a screenshot showing how the feature could be implemented.

What do you think?


Honestly this missing feature drives our whole team insane every day. We switched to bitwarden about a year ago since a lot of us are on Ubuntu and other team sharing password applications didn’t include Linux clients. Fixing this one problem would be such a massive boost to usability I’m really surprised this still hasn’t happened.

I don’t understand why there’s a UX challenge here either. Lots of easy options I think. Why not just add another button icon next to Launch that autofills just like in Tab? Or, have two separate searches, when on the Tab section it searches in Tabs, when on My Vault it searches in my vault, and just change the dialogue at the top from “Search vault” to “Filter tabs” depending on which section you’re on.