Autofill has become inconsistent

All, I have been a longtime (and proud) user of Bitwarden. In the last few days (couple of weeks maybe) I have noticed that the autofill function has become very inconsistent. One of the main reasons I use Bitwarden is the portability of access to my passwords regardless of the browser or even computer I am using at any given moment. I have experienced this inconsistency in Edge/Chrome/Brave on my Windows machine and Edge/Chrome/Brave/Safari on my Mac. Is anyone else having a similar issue? Any suggestions? To be quite honest, I think this is the first time I’ve ever had an issue using Bitwarden.

@bleachbear17 Welcome to the forum!

It would help if you gave some examples of URLs where you are having autofill issues, and/or describe what behavior you are experiencing in these “inconsistencies”. Do you mean that auto-fill works as expected one day, and then fails to auto-fill (or gives some error, or auto-fills incorrectly) when logging in to the same website on another day?

Also, please make sure that in that in the browser extensions’ options, you have enabled “Show badge counter”. After confirming this setting, when you are having auto-fill issues, do you see a numerical value (1 or greater) in the lower right corner of the Bitwarden browser extension shield icon at the top of your browser?

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