Autofill on page load only works sometimes

It used to work all the time now it barely ever does. And yes I see the logins on the badge counter so they are being detected. And yes I have the options turned on for it.

Hello @Paradoxum - welcome to the community forums.

Have you checked to see if your browser’s autofill function is active? If so, it might be interfering with Bitwarden. Also, I have seen some users report that other browser extensions can interfere with Bitwarden, so you might experiment with turning them all off and see if that helps.

You can also try going into Bitwarden’s Settings → Options and changing the autofill options from enabled to disabled, close settings, then go back in and change it back to enabled again. While you are there, you might also try the same thing with the default auto-fill behaviour to ensure it is set to enabled as well.

Failing that, you might try logging out, uninstalling the Bitwarden extension, restarting the browser, and reinstalling Bitwarden. Sometimes, something can get corrupted in the browser profile causing strange behaviours.

Chromes autofill is disabled I don’t use it, and I’ve reinstalled chrome / reset the settings a few times this week trying out new versions of win 11.