Autofill in any Android browser works terrible now with 2.3.x. Help please

Hi there,
used to love Bitwarden on Android, but with the latest update the persistent notification vanished and I have to rely on the autofill api or accessibility autofill. Autofill api works ok with Android apps, but neither work reliably in any browser I tested (Opera, Chrome, Vivaldi, Samsung, Brave). This is a huge step backwards! I know, it’s probably more a thing with the browsers not supporting the autofill correctly, but as it is basically all of them, can’t we get the notification back as a fallback solution?
Or is there anything else I can do (Android 10, Samsung 10e)? I’m desperate.

I have experienced the very same issues in Android 9.

I’ve found the combination of Firefox and Bitwarden on Android to be the most stable.