Autofill in Android 9 is not function

I need help, because I am new on Android. I have selected the Auto Fill Framework in Bitwarden. But nothing happened if I on a login field which Bitwarden knows? Also in an app no function. Is it not possible on a Huawei Mate 20 Pro? I use the Crome Browser.

Did you have enabled it in the Android settings?
Navigate to Settings -> Speech and Input -> Auto-Fill service
There should be Bitwarden enabled

I have not this settings, but I enabled Bitwarden in “Accessibility”, and now it works. So I have to enable both, framework and autofill. thx for help

I have a new question. If I let Bitwarden generate a new password via the browser extension, I do not find it anymore? If I generate it via Desktop App I find it in “History” This is bad, because I generate a pass with the extension and password is gone ??

Ah i have found it… :wink: