Auto fill basic authentication protected website

Feature name

  • Basic-authentication protected website auto-fill

Feature function


In these websites there are no auto fill functionality, not from extension nor context menu and we need to keep doing copy/paste. since i have started with bitwarden i was overjoyed and changed many password to overlong-dramatic ones. :grin:

Related topics + references

-There are many relating Auto-fill request but none referred to this types.
-I have seen feature on KeeVault extension.

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Welcome @Masoud_Rahmani!

Bitwarden actually supports this currently. You have to have one and only one matching item and autofill will take place.

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@tgreer Thanks for taking the time to read this.

It doesn’t work for me.
so should i go to github issues?

You may need to enable autofill on page load, from the article:

Due to the way basic auth prompts are designed, auto-filling must be non-interactive. This means you cannot auto-fill on a basic auth prompt using the Tab view, context-menu, or keyboard shortcuts.


@tgreer It seems the problem was with match detection once i changed it from "Starts with "to “Exact” it started to work, with and without «autofill on page load».

Thank you for your fast response.
Do i need to close this or something?

Glad it’s working for you!

I’ll move it to the support topic just in case anyone else has this question :sunglasses:

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Are you going to take it away again?

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No, was just emphasizing that we already support it.

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