Force execute autofill in Bitwarden browser extension for other website

Sometimes I need to autofill my credentials on some websites, that not match stored domains, and can’t find the way to do this.

For example, I have stored login&password for website. I open website and want to fill login&password on it from stored values. So, I find in Bitwarden widget, and can only three actions:

Where is “Autofill current webpage” feature? Please make it for prevent manually filling login and password!

You would need to add as a domain to match against on the record. That said, I would urge against using the same credentials on different websites! and are only examples, in my situation I have my main website ( and many temporary development copies (,, etc). So filling each temporary domain into main Bitwarden item is too expensive.

I want simply autofill auth form on those domains from values, stored in Bitwarden item via single click, not via manually copy-pasting login&password.

And this with Biwarden Web Vault …

Domain Rules
If you have the same login across multiple different website domains, you can mark the website as “equivalent”. “Global” domains are ones already created for you by Bitwarden.

Custom Equivalent Domains
Custom Domain 1,
Enter a list of domains separated by commas. Only “base” domains are allowed. Do not enter subdomains. For example, enter “” instead of “”. You can also enter “androidapp://” to associate an android app with other website domains.

I don’t want to pre-fill list of domains in Bitwarden item (because it large and changes very often), I want only to one-time autofill login&password from currently opened Bitwarden item (that I manually find and open in Bitwarden widget) into current webpage.

This can be implemented via “Fill those login and password on current page” button on selected Bitwarden item.