Adding domain/url when password name appears in keyboard

I would like there to be a feature that allows a person to add a new url/domain to a password that is already created. For instance, when navigating on my phone to a website, I will click on the username/password field and within the keyboard, the “Password” icon shows up. Well, when i click on it, nothing shows up for a username and password that i already have saved for this website. I have to click on the search bar to locate it. When i do find the correct login info, if i click it, it will pre-fill which is great but it will not let me update the url/domain. It would be nice to have the option when i do search and find the correct username and password for it to give me the option or the ability to add the “url/domain” from the webpage or app. It doesn’t give me the option unless i back out of the browser, go into the bitwarden app, and then add the domain/url from that standpoint.

I don’t believe logins are auto-filled unless the URL matches the item.

Here’s what happens when I use the Android app:

  1. Tap the login form, “Auto-fill with Bitwarden” pops up.
  2. Bitwarden opens, and shows matching logins, if any.
  3. If you tap a matching item, it will auto-fill that item.
  4. Otherwise, you can search for non-matching items.
  5. If you tap any item in the search results, this prompt appears:

    Do you want to auto-fill or view this item?

    • Auto-fill
    • Auto-fill and save
    • View
      • Cancel

It does not auto-fill the search result item unless you select “auto-fill”.

Your request seems to describe the “Auto-fill and save” feature. Or is there a particular Bitwarden platform that doesn’t do this that should?

I have an Iphone 11 and on the latest ios.
When i search for the Results of a login, I am not presented with the options:
Auto-Fill and Save

After Searching for the item and finding it, my only option is to tap it and then it immediately fills in the corresponding fields. There is no way to edit/view or do anything of the sort like there is on the android platform. I have to go directly into the “Bitwarden” app and cannot do it from the way of accessing it from the keyboard “Password prompt” and just editing or viewing the settings from there. So for me, anytime i want to edit or update a field, I have to leave the browser, go into the “Bitwarden” app directly and edit it from there, then go back to my browser, back to the “Password” prompt and re-auto fill.

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I also wants a feature like this.
Some apps can be accessed through different domains and I wish I have a way to add new domains to an existing login that does not requires me to find it, edit it, add the domain manually and then use it.