Select from the vault when no match on auto fill

When there is no match for auto fill, putting a criteria in the search, the results cannot be used to populate the present browser tab.
Could it be possible that there is an option to try to fill the tab with whatever I searched (with possible auto update of the URL as usual)?
Right now, either I cut & paste manually (and possible have to do it twice, one for ID and one for password), or I need to update manually the selected logins with proper URL match first…

I’m not 100% sure that I understand your question. My response below is based on my best guess about what you were asking:

If you open a login item in the browser extension (e.g., by selecting an item from a vault search), you can scroll down and click the Autofill and Save button. This will take the login credentials and autofill them into the currently active tab of your browser, and it will also take the URL of the webpage in the currently active tab, saving this URL as an additional URI in the login item. Therefore, the next time that you visit the same webpage, Bitwarden will be able to match the login item to the webpage URL, so that you can autofill as usual.

Hello, thx for the answer,
I was looking for an option at the selection list level, but what you propose is good enough for me.
So thx for the solution too :slight_smile:

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