Autofill options

When I’m on a login page for a certain website, and I click on the Bitwarden extension icon, I see several logins available. And I see that the one I even want to use is with a leaf-type icon, and if I click it’s going to do the autofill that I want. However, and for reasons that I won’t explain now, I need to do a search for that same item, and soon the login I want appears, but without the option to click to fill in. If I click it opens another menu and only then does it allow me to choose below is the option to click and autofill. I don’t understand this behavior, because it entails having to do two steps, just by searching instead of running all the existing fields for that page to find the login I want, since there are multiple logins for that same page.
I don’t know if I was confused, but I would like someone to help me, as I have just started using Bitwarden!
Thank you!!

@alex12 Welcome to the forum!

You are not missing anything. There is currently no method for directly auto-filling from the search results.

I would suggest that you explain this, though:

The above is an unusual requirement (which is one of the reasons why the function that you are looking for hasn’t been implemented).

If you provide some more information about your use-case, perhaps an acceptable work-around can be found.

Thank you very much for the reply.
Actually the reason I have to use the search box, is that on the same site I have a lot of usernames, and I have to choose one. If I do scrol dawn it will take time to find the item I need, hence the search box (which is there for some reason) is great for that, but it misses a vital function which is, after finding the necessary item, just click, which is not possible apparently.
If there really was a work-around for this case, I would appreciate it to share it because it’s all about the fact that I need to use multiple logins on the same site.
Thank you again for trying to help!!