Autofill Available Icon Other Than In Extensions Bar? Don't show right click option if no match

Just came over from LastPass due to the last security breach screw up a few months back. Happy with features/performance in Chrome on Windows and on my Android Phone so far with one caveat…

On Last Pass, if there’s an available autofill, there’s an icon next to the login fields. With Bitwarden, the indicator appears to only be available on the extension icon in the far top right of the browser. Kind of miss it being right next to the login. Mainly in the cases I have multiple logins for the same website. With LP, you just click on the icon in the right of the login field and select the login. With Bitwarden it’s a little more complicated. You first need to look up to the upper right corner of the browser to see if the extension icon shows there are matching logins. Right click on the login field, select BW, select Autofill, select the account.

Just making sure I’m not missing something as far as doing this more efficiently (excluding turning on Autofill - which works fine for sites I have one login.)

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Hi! From Bitwarden help:

Bitwarden browser extensions provide a set of keyboard shortcuts (also known as hot keys) to auto-fill login information. If your vault is locked when you attempt this, a new tab will open prompting you to unlock. Once unlocked, the browser extension will automatically proceed with auto-filling your credentials.

To auto-fill login information, use the following default shortcuts. If there are multiple logins with the detected URI, the last-used login will be used for the auto-fill operation. You can cycle through multiple logins by repeatedly using the keyboard shortcut:

  • On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + L
  • On macOS: Cmd + Shift + L
  • On Linux: Ctrl + Shift + L

I think this mode is very convenient

More about the auto-fill here:

I’m also extremely missing an icon in the logon fields. Basically every other password manager has one. I also have several websites where I have multiple accounts, this makes my life very hard. I can figure this out, but I also need to make my wife move to Bitwarden, which might be impossible this way.

I think most of us just use the Ctrl+Shift+L keyboard shortcut to autofill (Cmd+shift+L on macOS). If you have multiple accounts, repeat the shortcut to cycle through the available logins.

If you really, really don’t like using the keyboard, you can just click the browser extension icon, then click in the “card” for the account that you want to autofill (two clicks total).

Yes, you can use the right-click menu, but that is the most cumbersome method.

BINGO! That is a much better way than the context menu route. Thanks for the tip.