[SOLVED] AUTOFILL working when should not

On W10 desktop PC. I have a Bitwarden login to a med portal and my wife has a separate BW login to the same web portal. We each have different uids and different pwds. I have AUTOFILL not activated on HER BW login, but I did have have it activated on MY BW login. Even the web address is slightly different between the two although both actually lead to the same web page where either of us can login. Problem was that when I clicked in BW on her login to launch the web page, the web page loaded with MY UID and PW filled in already. I solved the problem by removing AUTOFILL from my BW login, but I shouldn’t have had to do that, right?

I suspect something else is up. If BW was logged in to her account, there is no way it can pull your credentials and autofill. It’s just not possible.

Perhaps your browser filled it in instead? I would check the autofill on the browser to see if somehow you had an entry saved for the site.

We have ONLY one Bitwarden installed on the W10 PC and I have both website logins (hers and mine) defined in that same BW. In other words, I have one BW login called “ARC Cathy” and one BW login called “ARC Charlie”. I have only the single instance of Bitwarden that we sign in to on our PC with our only Bitwarden password. When I changed my login def (for that website) to not Autofill the credentials on that website page, it immediately and no longer automatically filled in my uid and pwd for that website. After that, when I used either hers or my BW login, the website uid and pwd fields were blank like I expected.

Thanks for the clarification - I understand what you mean now.

When you click the launch button on a Bitwarden icon, I believe it just sends the URL to the browser, and then the regular URL matching takes over. Unless the actual login URLs are different in some way between how you and your wife sign in, I can’t think of any way to get Bitwarden to distinguish them to correctly autofill.

You did mention the possibility that there might be a difference, in which case you could store each specific URL in each BW item and use Exact URI matching to distinguish them.

If not, then you might wish to create a feature request for more “intelligent matching” of credentials to a Url when launching directly from a Bitwarden item, which I think would be a nice improvement. Cheers!

Well, for right now I turned on “Autofill on page load” in both of the BW logins and it seems to be OK. But like I mentioned - I don’t think that should be required.
The website is:
MyChart - Login Page?
But if I use a browser (rather than BW) to launch webpage: https://mychart.austinregionalclinic.com/mychart
The browser actually launches: MyChart - Login Page?
I now know that “URL” will ALWAYS have the method prefix (like https) at its beginning, while “URI” may or may not have the prefix.

As I understand it, autofill will use the details that were last filled in, the same as if you click the icon or use [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+L. So, if you have more than one set of credentials saved for the same website, you will see this type of behaviour. Pressing the keyboard shortcut again would enter the next set of credentials.

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OK. Maybe will try tomorrow if time permits. Surprised that entering the shortcut a 2nd time would correct the filled-in data on the site’s logon screen.

Yeah, it definitely works that way. From the help article:

To auto-fill login information, use the following default shortcuts. If there are multiple Login items with the detected URI, the last-used login will be used for the auto-fill operation. You can cycle through multiple Logins by repeatedly using the keyboard shortcut:

  • On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + L
  • On macOS: Cmd + Shift + L
  • On Linux: Ctrl + Shift + L

Full details here:


I am not a computer-sophisticated BW user. Retired mainframe guy & his wife using W10 on desktop PC to visit certain web sites (in this case a medical portal that both of us use). Just a comment - it seems to me that BW should use the BW login that is selected by the user rather than BW “last used” values to fill in a webpage uid and pwd. The first time this happened I selected my BW login but BW logged me into the medical portal as my wife rather than as me. I should have paid closer attention to what BW pasted in but never expected that behavior from the BW software.

If you selected a particular set of credentials, then it should have used those. It only uses the last used ones if you have autofill turned on or if you use the shortcuts to enter your credentials. Did you definitely select the right user when your wife’s details were entered?

I did select the correct user. Autofill was turned on only for 1 or the 2 users and I forget which one.

I turned on Autofill for both users and it seems to be working OK for me.
You can close this issue if you see a way to do that.
Actually, how do I close the case?

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Sent msg to tgreer asking how a solved case can be closed.

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No need to close, it’s already marked as solved :sunglasses:

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