Add application url to an existing login

I’m using Android, when I have an Android app that is not defined in any login, when I tap the notification it shows only one option, add new.

will be useful to have an option to add that url value to an existing login.

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On Android, I search for the appropriate login and it gives me the option to “autofill and save”.

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I had missed this on the firefox browser plugin as well. Thanks for dropping this tip here!

Does this feature exist on IOS ?
I couldn’t find it

Hello Dan Mullen,
Are you aware if that feature is available on iOS ?
I couldn’t find it, so I believe it doesn’t exist

Sorry, I don’t know if it works the same way in iOS. Hopefully another Apple user can confirm.

On iPhone it is a little more complicated:

  • Open the app and go to the login screen
  • Tap on the email or password field (I find the password field tends to work more often than the email field, so try both)
  • Then just above the keyboard tap on either “Passwords” in the middle or the key icon on the right, whichever is shown
  • (IF you use Keychain or any other password managers, tap on Bitwarden to select the correct password manager to work with)
  • Tap the + icon, as if to add a new entry
  • IF the URI field is filled in, then just copy it, close out of the new entry you are in, open up the Bitwarden app, navigate to the entry you want to add it to, paste the URI into the URI field, and save.
  • IF the URI field is NOT filled in then the app developer has not properly setup their app/website to support associated domains and, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to make an app work with any URI you fill in. All you can do is try to contact the app developer and ask them to properly setup associated domains for their app.

Gosh I wish it was as easy as Android :rofl:

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