Bring 'Auto fill and save' to iOS

Following a conversation with a member of the BitWarden team, it was suggested I post this feature request here.

Hopefully, this resonates with other iOS users and gets some votes!

Feature name

‘Auto fill and save’ on iOS

Feature function

  • Allow quick saving of new URIs to existing stored logins
  • Enables quick and easy management of URIs for users who switch from Android to iOS
  • Enables legacy iOS users to easily update stored logins with relevant URIs when a login stored only covers an app or website or subdomain or networked website that uses the same login

When I was previously an Android user, if I used an app or website and the web page or app didn’t didn’t auto-match with an existing URI stored in the BitWarden login, I was able to manually choose a login and then select ‘Auto fill and save’. This saved the URI to the login, meaning I didn’t have to manually search for the login every time in the future.

Having recently moved to iOS, that option is no longer there. I have to manually search my BitWarden database for the corresponding login.

The person I spoke to at BitWarden suggested I create a new record or edit those existing records with the new URIs. I’m a hard pass on creating additional items when they would no doubt store the same information, effectively creating duplicates and bringing chaos to what was previously a very nicely organised database.

As for editing existing - this isn’t straightforward at all - I’d have to switch to the BitWarden app, search the entry, edit, scroll to URIs, and then add it - which in itself is a problem when I don’t always know what the URIs should be.

The BitWarden agent said “That function was not originally incorporated into our iOS due to certain software limitations; However, if you consider this to be important to you, please consider joining our community and submitting this as a suggestion directly on our feature request page to allow other members to vote for it. If your idea resonates with the Bitwarden community, we may consider examining that function again in the future.”

Hoping this resonates with people, or that someone has an alt suggestion? (which does not involve switching back to Android :wink: )


This feature would be awesome

It’s also a topic here:


I have already suggested this feature but received no votes. This is essential so please consider implementing it.


Voted. Same boat. Android to iPhone. Can’t believe this is not a feature, please implement.


+1 couldn’t imagine how inconvenient it is not to have this in iOS…

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To this day this feature is still missing. Since my main device is an iPhone I find this extremely inconvenient. I’ll be leaving this place and removing BitWarden from all of my devices. I will stop supporting this project as well.

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just switched to ios from Android and was surprised that my app logins don’t show up and Bitwarden doesn’t suggest to add new URIs. Please implement the feature.

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It’s been a year since I posted this and it’s clearly resonating with people. Can someone from the BitWarden team comment?


Thanks all, the team is looking into this functionality, but no development news at this time :+1:


iOS autofill extension APIs do not support this, so from my understanding it is not possible to do.

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but with 1Password you can. how can it if it’s an API limitation?


I also don’t understand. Bitwarden can fill it in when creating new items, why not when selecting existing items (in the same UI)?

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Just to be clear, I’m talking about enabling it in this UI, not the native iOS one


iOS autofill does lots of magic and has multiple ways to autofill so I strongly suspect we are talking at cross purposes. I am aware that the password suggestions presented inline in Safari through the keyboard rely on some magic involving Credential Identity Stores and other APIs that Bitwarden cannot control.

However the suggestion here is about the scenario when no candidate password have been identified. The user clicks the password button and the full-fat Bitwarden app is launched. Bitwarden is now full screen.*

The user uses Bitwarden’s search box to find their password and taps it. They then are returned to Safari with the password filled in**. Couldn’t Bitwarden modify the entry at that point, just like it does on Android?

1Password appears to do that Use 1Password to fill and save in apps and browsers on your iPhone and iPad says:

If you have a login in 1Password that doesn’t appear when you try to fill, tap Passwords near the top of the keyboard or at the bottom of the screen, then search for your login and choose the one you want to fill. You’ll be asked what you want 1Password to do:

  • Fill Once: 1Password will fill your details in the app or browser one time.
  • Fill & Update Login: 1Password will fill your login in the app or browser and update your Login item to link it to the app or site. You can then autofill your details every time you log in to the same app or website.
  • Cancel: 1Password won’t fill your login or update your Login item.

I love Bitwarden and have recommended it to friends and at work but I recently switched from Android and Bitwarden on iOS is definitely less slick. I even had a heretical thought of switching to 1Password :frowning: (I didn’t).

(*) Well maybe it’s still a sort of extension, not the full fat app but you can still create/save new passwords through it so it clearly has write access
(**) Well, 90% of the time. Sometimes it just gives me the option to ‘copy password’ instead


Yes, that should be possible. I guess I misunderstood what was being asked originally. Thanks for clarifying.


Please add this, this is really annoying. I have to search for “fidelity” every single time I open my Fidelity Investments app on iPhone. I set it up with Android and the URL in Bitwarden is “androidapp://”, whatever that means. I can’t just view the iPhone equivalent for this and update it manually–so there’s no workaround or anything at all for this. Not to mention, this is just one of the many apps I have originally set up in Android but can’t open in iPhone after I switched. Why is this basic fundamental feature not implemented for iOS?

edit: to clarify, I used Android for many years and switched to an iPhone late last year, at which point I began battling Bitwarden on the daily. So now my entire catalog of Bitwarden entries are full of Android-optimized entries and I have no way of dealing with them. This is rubbish…

I think as a workaround, you can create a new entry on the iphone, which will then have the correct URL filled in. Then you can copy the URL to the existing entry (or the password to the new entry).

While people are genuinely trying to be helpful, I am growing tired the suggestion to do it manually keeps coming up when in practice it is flawed :sweat_smile:

In cases where BitWarden doesn’t auto detect a login form and show the option to open the drawer, then you can’t easily create a new entry.

And if doesn’t do that and detect the app URI, then you have no way of knowing what the URI should be if you opt to do it completely manually.

Using BitWarden has changed my life, but the longer we go without the same ‘auto fill & save’ functionality as has been available on Android for years, the stronger the argument to move to another PWM.


When will this feature be added on iOS client? It is not a feature to request, it is a feature that is missing on iOS but is present in all other clients.

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Any update mate?