Bring 'Auto fill and save' to iOS

Following a conversation with a member of the BitWarden team, it was suggested I post this feature request here.

Hopefully, this resonates with other iOS users and gets some votes!

Feature name

‘Auto fill and save’ on iOS

Feature function

  • Allow quick saving of new URIs to existing stored logins
  • Enables quick and easy management of URIs for users who switch from Android to iOS
  • Enables legacy iOS users to easily update stored logins with relevant URIs when a login stored only covers an app or website or subdomain or networked website that uses the same login

When I was previously an Android user, if I used an app or website and the web page or app didn’t didn’t auto-match with an existing URI stored in the BitWarden login, I was able to manually choose a login and then select ‘Auto fill and save’. This saved the URI to the login, meaning I didn’t have to manually search for the login every time in the future.

Having recently moved to iOS, that option is no longer there. I have to manually search my BitWarden database for the corresponding login.

The person I spoke to at BitWarden suggested I create a new record or edit those existing records with the new URIs. I’m a hard pass on creating additional items when they would no doubt store the same information, effectively creating duplicates and bringing chaos to what was previously a very nicely organised database.

As for editing existing - this isn’t straightforward at all - I’d have to switch to the BitWarden app, search the entry, edit, scroll to URIs, and then add it - which in itself is a problem when I don’t always know what the URIs should be.

The BitWarden agent said “That function was not originally incorporated into our iOS due to certain software limitations; However, if you consider this to be important to you, please consider joining our community and submitting this as a suggestion directly on our feature request page to allow other members to vote for it. If your idea resonates with the Bitwarden community, we may consider examining that function again in the future.”

Hoping this resonates with people, or that someone has an alt suggestion? (which does not involve switching back to Android :wink: )


This feature would be awesome

It’s also a topic here:

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I have already suggested this feature but received no votes. This is essential so please consider implementing it.

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Voted. Same boat. Android to iPhone. Can’t believe this is not a feature, please implement.


+1 couldn’t imagine how inconvenient it is not to have this in iOS…

To this day this feature is still missing. Since my main device is an iPhone I find this extremely inconvenient. I’ll be leaving this place and removing BitWarden from all of my devices. I will stop supporting this project as well.