Shortcut to add new 'URI' for current webpage

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  • Shortcut to add new ‘URI’ for current webpage

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I’d like the browser extension to have a shortcut which adds a new URI to a credential for the currently focused webpage/tab.

It’s a bit tedious to click ‘New URI’ and then type out the address/domain.

I appreciate the challenge where everyone has their own matching rule set, but perhaps as an initial release, the shortcut would add the entire URL of the page I’m looking at as a new URI and then I’ll just delete the bits I don’t want. This would be less tedious than typing it in.

I’d love to see this in mobile, but the browser extension would be a good first release.

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Have you tried the Autofill & Save button? It is available in browser extensions and in Android; it is not available on iOS, except for Safari.

Open the vault item to which you would like to add the URI, then click “Autofill & Save”, which saves the current URI to the opened vault item, and also autofills the web form using the credentials from the opened vault item.

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I really want to see this come to iOS!

What you’ve suggested does not align with the request.

I want to add a new Uri to an existing credential, not a new credential.

Also, that prompt occurs after you’ve logged in. I typically want to add a new Uri before I log in because that’s when I notice Bitwarden hasn’t matched the website I’m on because the website has changed subdomain (as an example) for login.

Respectfully, what I’ve suggested does align with what you’re asking for. You just didn’t read the linked information very carefully, as you seem to have confused the Autofill & Save function with something else (probably the Ask to Add Login option).

Please go to a website for which you currently have no URI match, then open any login item in the browser extension. Scroll down to the bottom and click Autofill & Save:

This will do two things:

  1. It will autofill the credentials from the selected vault item into the website login form.
  2. It will save the current URL in the selected vault item, so that you will get a successful URI match next time that you visit this webpage.


If that is not what you have requested, then you are going to have to do a better job of explaining what you are looking for.

I meant no malice from your quote of mine :slight_smile: my intent was to only explain what you suggested didn’t align with the feature request. However your further explanation has shown me exactly what I wanted, thank you!

I likewise have neither meant nor taken any offense, I just wanted to make it clear that your claim about a lack of alignment between your request and my initial response was inaccurate! In any case, I am glad that my additional explanation of the “Autofill & Save” feature was helpful to you.