IOS Isn't Autofill and save available ?

my ios app version is 2023.8.0 4566
my Android app version is 2023.8.0 7466

  1. Set Default URI matching detection to host.
  2. When the url is not in the password library, android can search for the domain name in the library and a dialog box will pop up. You can select Autofill or Autofill and save.
    But in IOS, there is no dialog box after searching and clicking, just Autofill to the Input box.
    (Both Chrome and Firefox plugins have this feature, but IOS doesn’t)

Is this function not available in the IOS app version? Or is it that I did something wrong?

@manduted Welcome to the forum!

No, this feature is unfortunately not available for iOS. There is a Feature Request thread here:

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Well, I hope to implement this function on ios in the future, thank you for your answer